Kids Know

by Tuff Sunshine

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released May 15, 2013

Recorded and mixed by Martin Bisi at BC Studios, Brooklyn, NY.
Mastered by Tom Scheponik.
All Songs Leitera/Cordero/Stough (BMI)
Artwork by Michael Gabriel


all rights reserved



Tuff Sunshine New York

"Play Loud!"--New York Times

"Cool NYC trio Tuff Sunshine does emotive indie fare that skillfully fuses funky soul with wiry postpunk." --Time Out NY

"NYC Band You Oughta Know" --

"New Band of the Day" -- Louder Than War Blog (UK)

"Yinz guys are soooo awesome" --Guy in Pittsburgh
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Track Name: All Hail The One That Got Away
we peak too soon and we blow the surprise or
we bangin on the drums from way under the riser
clear it from above the belt to below the thighs or
blush until we gush like an unfaithful geyser

scheming up and down the radio dial
is course upon my fingers as a carpenter's file
leave me in your car-park in a neat little pile
well that's the kind of stats that you fake with a smile

and all hail the one that got away

we speak too soon and we miss the connection
from sweet to defeat it's all in the inflection
we rollin on the dice and lose the bet that detection
frees us from the bust and the rust of complexion

mix it up and cork it in the tiniest vial
it's the stock exhibit A in every trivial trial
but the constant interplay can only go for a while
til you walk it off base and take it out on the tiles

and all hail the one that got away

from broadway to broadway
from mckibben st. down to south van ness
we're skewing it our way
and every day it means just a little less
Track Name: Honeymoon
talking up a storm all night into the morning
what we thought was a watch
now has turned into a warning
we're waving phantom limbs and insisting that they swoon
deep inside the basket of a silhouette balloon

against the honeymoon

it’s non-stop polish right down to brass tacks
someone break into that cockpit
tell that pilot to relax
we got the taxi --the directions
and the flight don’t leave til noon
we got the passport numbers and we’ll cast a shadow soon

against the honeymoon

reaching back in history and ignoring what you please
and blowing out your fillings with an immigrant sneeze
sucking down the mezzo-vino and still howing out of tune
on your knees on the back porch the entire month of june

against the honeymoon
Track Name: Mining The Moat
i washed up on the shore looking rougher than most
i gave in to the score but never gave up the ghost
i used to think i liked the feeling of being weak
till the devil on my shoulder went and called in sick for a week

i saw the virgin mary on a piece of burnt toast
she told me take what you can carry and to swallow the host
i used to think that there was right and there was strong
til the angel on my shoulder took off and i followed along
now i’m mining the moat
i’m sending a note
i put the words that wrote
in a bottle and it’s staying afloat

the last time’s a gift
so please no short shrift
inside your building’s lift
counting backwards from 10
the deep techniques
to fix the valve that leaks
those salty streaks
they will dry up again

meet me at the gold cane?
let me explain?
one last refrain
can i borrow your pen?
i know you mean no harm
and im sure i’m charmed
but the doors alarmed
and we’re against it again

i woke up in a lie and got called out on a boast
waded to the other side and i decided to coast
i used to think i liked the feeling of solid ground
til the head on my shoulders went and stopped it’s spinning around
now i’m mining the moat
the words that i wrote
they don’t throttle the back of my throat
Track Name: Kids Know
do me a favorite and lock us inside
because the kids know
and disguise yer voice with a helium high
because the kids know
send it off with a neat chrome sheen
and drop it deep in the evergreens
because the kids know

throw me a line because im deep in the drink
and all the kids know
my fingerless gloves they have passed on the link
and all the kids know
what it takes to survive in a honeyless hive
when the endless sweat has dried out your eyes
well the kids know

the cream used to rise but that’s all in the past
you bet the kids know
what ever happened to wednesday and so fast?
i think the kids know

what remains to be seen when you stuck in reverse
when you walking around under that homemade curse
the kids know

buck up this is gonna hurt a little bit...

the walls are all bugged and the tape you can bet
will only be released on hand-painted cassete
that’s right the kids know
Track Name: Open Mic
helicopter rollercoaster
elevator to the cable car
from both ends of the concrete
up and down the high street
there’s an open mic in every bar

flat water sellotape
powers back-lit via stand-by light
transparent inspiration
bite down on revelation
there’s an open mic here every night

would you care to do a number with me my love?

gas and clutch tidal wave
teenage hips to the grandfather clock
we swing the admiration
and squeezed hand commiseration
there’s an open mic just down the block

would you care to a number with me my love?